4 th International Conference on Dialogical Practices @ Via Maria Ausiliatrice, 32, 10152 Torino TO, Italia, Torino [dal 12 su 14 ottobre]

4 th International Conference on Dialogical Practices

12 - 14
09:00 - 14:00

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Via Maria Ausiliatrice, 32, 10152 Torino TO, Italia
«Getting Closer, Towards a new human alliance»
The Conference is in memory of John Shotter, a beautiful architect of human dialogue, who passed away on December 8, 2016. Emeritus Professor of Communication in the Department of Communication, University of New Hampshire (U.S.A.), he worked as an organizational consultant and doctoral examiner internationally.
Organizer: IUSTO — Istituto Universitario Salesiano Torino-Rebaudengo, with Network for Dialogical Practices (http://opendialogicalpractices.eu/)

The focus of the conference will be on those dialogical practices and research findings best able to promote human alliance and develop working practices with and among families and communities in an era of complexity and interdependence.
The main experience of dialogical practices in the clinical, educational, social and political fields will be presented and extended to other fields, institutions and organizations. Particular attention will be paid to the processes of dialogue and peace, intended as creative and non-violent solutions for conflict.
In addition, the conference gives the opportunity to make Italy aware of the beauty and effectiveness of the dialogic approach. For this reason all the dialogical experiences already active in the country will be included.
The “Open Dialogue” method originates from the passion to find different ways of understanding mental health difficulties and in particular psychotic experiences. Open Dialogue is a network approach to mental health difficulties. It was developed in Tornio, Western Lapland, Finland by Jaakko Seikkula and colleagues in the early 1980’s.
“The dialogical, as Arnkil and Seikkula (2013) say, is not a method or a set of techniques but it is an attitude, a way of seeing, which is based on recognizing and respecting the otherness of the other, and ongoing to meet them.“
For the first time in Italy there will be a meeting of communities and professionals from the dialogical approach. Dialogue creates a vital connection among people thus giving birth to a cross- generational, present-future, devoting particular attention to dialogue in the uncertain digital age. First of all it aims at recreating new alliances among people.
The intention of the conference is the introduction, analysis and promotion of concrete dialogue among individuals and communities on a disciplinary, clinical, educational and sociological level.
Dialogue is the fundamental component of addressing the foundations and the sense of our living together.

More details on the website: gettingcloser.it
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