Coco Ke Hong Workshop @ Turin Pole Dance Studio, Turin [dal 27 su 28 ottobre]

Coco Ke Hong Workshop

27 - 28
18:30 - 17:00

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Turin Pole Dance Studio
Via Saluzzo 100, 10126 Torino
My name is Ke Hong. I'm 24 years old. I come from Zun yi city, GUI Zhou province, China. I live in Shanghai now. My previous job was makeup artist. I've been practicing pole dance for 6 years since 2012. I hadn't any teacher. I learned by myself with videos. The first pole dance video I saw was Felix cane and Jenyne butterfly. Oona kivela. Natasha Wang… Those videos gave me motivation to learn pole dance. The first time I saw pole dance show was in a bar. I found it sexy and interesting. So I installed a pole at home and tried to practice it by myself. Firstly i found the flexibility and power very hard. They were by far out of imagination. When I've practiced it one month, I almost gave up. But my friend told me that I could make it. So I persisted to now. Many people think that I was dancer or gymnast. But I was not. I just made as much as effort I could to become myself today. Maybe I have some talent. I practice everyday for 6 hours. When I became champion in China for the first time in my life in 2015, I congratulated myself not to give up in the beginning. I continued my training everyday so I became worldwide champion in 2016. As the first Chinese dancer, I was proud of organizing pole dance workshop oversea. Finally I would say thank you to all the friends who like me and follow me on instagram and facebook. I will continue to make efforts. Hope to see you guys again very soon!

Chinese national pole dance team member
Yuan Gan Cultural Pole Dance team National spokesperson
China pole dance team best record holder

2017 Singapore Asia poledance Championship 2nd Runner up
2017 China Poledance championship champion
2016 World Poledance Championship champion
2016 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) men’s single Champion
2016 Airstars men’s Champion, Overall Champion
2015 SG Pole Challenge Men’s Champion, Overall fit champion
2015 Airstars Men’s Champion, Overall champion, Best costume
2015 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) men’s single Champion
2015 World Pole Dance Championships (WPDC) men’s single second runner-up
2014 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) men’s single second runner-up

27/10//2017 at 18.30 (6.30 p.m. )
(Multi-level — 75mins)
In this course students will learn how to use the correct static pole technique to create fluid rotational moves on a static pole – includes rotational combos on the static pole.
80 euro one person

27/10/2017 at 20.00 (8 p.m.)
Learn his signature floor to pole transitional moves and combos to help create greater fluidity in your pieces (flips, handstands, legwork etc
80 euro one person

28/10/2017 at 11.50 (11.50 a.m.)
(Int and above – 90 mins)
In this course students will be taught a variety of split combos on a spinning pole.
80 euro one person

28/10/2017 at 10.00 (10 a.m. )
(multi-level – 100 mins)
Body strengthening exercises and flexibility exercises (the proper way) to maximize the gain for your pole practice
65 euro one person

38/10/2017 at 15.00 (3 p.m.)
(Int and above – 75 mins)
Learn different ways of getting in and out of handspring using interesting combos and variations.
80 euro one person

1 pole workshop = 80 euro
2 pole workshops =150 euro
3 pole workshops = 210 euro
1 pole workshop + Fit and Flex =135 euro
2 pole workshops + Fit and Flex =200 euro
3 pole workshops + Fit and Flex =250 euro

Private Classes:
60 min 140 euro
90 min 190 euro

call or whatsapp +393425040403
[email protected]
Last date for payment: 8/10 /2017

IT87 H033 5901 6001 0000 0116 183
Intestato a Turin Pole Dance Studio
20121 MILANO
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