The Frozen Autumn - Vanguard - Unity One / Estetica Noir @ PADIGLIONE 14, Collegno [25 novembre]

The Frozen Autumn - Vanguard - Unity One / Estetica Noir

21:00 - 05:00

 Pagina di evento
Corso Pastrengo 40, 10093 Collegno
ElectroNation, in collaborazione con Padiglione 14 e GLZ Eventi,
Presentazione del nuovo album in uscita il 3 novembre 2017
(Echozone — Soulfood — Metropolis Records)
After show party: djs Lesley, Max'el, Clean Pee
New wave — electro — ebm — synth/future pop — goth — indie etc…
Contributo concerti: 15 euro
Al termine: offerta libera
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Padiglione 14, Pastrengo 40, Collegno (TO)

Orari della serata:
21:00 Apertura locale
21:30/22:00 Estetica Noir
22:10/22:50 Unity One
23:00/23:45 Vanguard
23:55/01:10 The Frozen Autumn
01:10/05:00 After show party

The project THE FROZEN AUTUMN was born in May 1993 in Turin thanks to Diego Merletto, who had been already involved as a singer and keyboard player in several bands of the dark-wave scene in Turin since 1987.The background inspiring Diego has been the music released by the British label 4AD in the '80, together with European cold-wave, especially the electronic one, belonging to the same era. Neverthless, since the issue of the first and only demo, «Oblivion», dating back to 1994, the sound of TFA (initially conceived as Diego's one-man band) immediately stood out for its original melodic frames and rigorous sound research amounting to dreaming-atmospherical tracks as well as danceable songs reminding of 80's electronic wave, all style cornerstones to be found throughout the band's productions. In the same year, Diego decided to rely upon a guitarist for the live concerts that had soon been scheduled, even though he also decided to stay the sole and only mastermind as for TFA compositions: so did Claudio Brosio come into the picture. In 1995 the debut album «Pale Awakening» was released for the label Weisser Herbst: it contains «Oblivion» 6 tracks + 4 brand new tracks, among which the unforgettable piú «This Time», real dancefloor hit for this music genre lovers. During the same year the duo performed abroad for the first time at Die Insel, Berlin historic location situated on an isle of river Spree. This album got great feedback: even though it hadn't been massively promoted at all, sold over 5000 copies, a huge amount for a non-mainstream band at its debut on the market.
Diego decided to leave W.H. for the Milan-based Eibon Records, that released the band's second album «Fragments Of Memories» in December 1997, (featuring another outstanding track: «There's No Time To Recall»), a full-lenght that is everything but minimalistic, whose arrangements are generous, its harmonies rich, open, catchy. This album marked an increased interest for the artwork (made by the band itself) and the debut as a singer of a very young Froxeanne, not part of the band yet at that time. Several successful live gigs in Italy and Germany followed, climaxing in April 1998 at Tenax in Florence, Claudio's last concert with TFA.Immediately afterwards, Diego Merletto & Froxeanne (vocals and keyboards) conceive a side-project, named STATIC MOVEMENT. After 6 months of frantic co-writing work, «Visionary Landscapes» (Eibon Records, March 1999) was born: a little coffret containing 10 electronic jewels.This year marked the developement of another great passion of Diego's, videoart, (already massively expressed during TFA concerts by means of his evocative self-made background videos) by producing the black and white videoclip of the song «Nouvelle Vague» (track included in «VisionaryLandscapes»), released as a multimode cd-rom in 2001.Even though the duo has released only one album as STATIC MOVEMENT, this side-project experience was important because it laid the foundations for the so-called «electronic shift» of TFA, as witness as shown by their next release: «Emotional Screening Device» (Eibon 2002). Carachterized by driving electronic filigrees, in addition to catchy, dynamic rhythms, (as for the teaser «Is Everything Real?», whose videoclip was filmed later), as well as episodes of hypnotic instrumental electro. Several concerts followed, all arousing great interest, but particularly successful was the one taking place in September 2002 at the legendary «Paradiso» club in Amsterdam.In 2003 TFA broke their relationship with Eibon and begun the tormeted composition of their new album and made some collaborations with other artists.
In 2004 the the band finally played live also outside Europe, namely in Chile and e in Peru, literarly sending the audience into a frenzy.The new album «Is Anybody There?» was finally released in September 2005 by Pandaimonium Records, by Twilight Records and by Gravitator Records.«Is Anybody There?» is an ice-cold, styilistically flawless album, a never redundant «electro-chiselled» work: its essential, clean, almost graphic elegance, make it TFA least easy -listening release. Probably these features were the key to access one the most fascinating places in Eastern Europe: so did the duo lands in 2006 also in Russia for 2 unforgettable concerts in Moscow and Saint Petersburg during a really...frozen autumn.
During the following 3 years, the duo collaborated with other artists not only for music works, but also for graphic layouts and videoart. At the end of 2007, the band decided to rescind the contract with Pandaimonium Rec. and in the same period they started to rely upon a live guitarist again. The band performed then in Itay and the Netherlands, then in 2008 took contact with Twilight Records again that in 2009 released 3 cd-digipack reprints (2 by TFA, and the SM album). During Autumn 2009, another live member got on board, for keyboards this time: The Count (from the electronic solo project Nabla Operator), in order to add even more live-played parts on stage. With this 4-member-line-up, most of the double DVD «Seen From Under Ice» (Twilight Records, March 2010) were filmed. In December 2010, the first 10" vinyl is released: the EP «RALLENTEARS» featuring 4 brand new tracks, issued by the Italian label Calembour Records (run by Froxeanne) in 250 copies only, another chapter in their so peculiar music language they lately love to define «FROZEN WAVE» describing their ice-cold wave style.This new single songs are presented live on stage in Italy and in Brazil. On 30th November 2011 the band, comes back with the long-awaited new full-length CD «CHIRALITY», released by Calembour Records and to be issued on 14th February 2012 also in North America by Metropolis Records, immediately enthousiastically welcomed by their following all over the world. A new EP on picture vinyl called «LIE IN WAIT» is scheduled for Autumn 2014.

Vanguard was formed in late 2008 when Jonas Olofsson and Patrik Hansson first started to talk to each other online. After a period of creating demos a first album called «Sanctuary» was released in May 2012 on Conzoom Records. The first single, and also the bands first musicvideo was released in December 2012 for the song «Goodbye». A second single from the same album by the name «Shine» came a few months later. The band went on to release their second album Retribution in February 2014, this time the singles «On my own», «Let us fall» and «A brighter day» was released and the sound of this album was a step forward in forming the bands own sound.
In November 2015 Vanguard returned with a new single, «I want to live» from their third album with the title «Never surrender». The album was released the 27th of May 2016 and in January 2017 the band released a a second remix-single from this album and a music video for the song A different story. The band is currently doing gigs and are also working on new songs for a fourth upcoming album.

Unity One is a powerful futurepop/synthpop project formed by Mike E. (64 Rockets) and Rush (Alpha Point). With Mike E. providing the music/ programming and Rush doing the vocals, the band released a single for the track “Infrared” which spent several weeks in the Top 10 of the Deutsche Alternative Charts (DAC). In 2016, they released another highly acclaimed single, “Tomorrow”. The band has extensive concert experience, and have played a great many solo shows across Ukraine and Russia, but also performed at various festivals like Cyber Front (UA), Children of the Night (UA), and Resistanz (UK). They have supported bands such as Covenant, Assemblage 23, SITD, and Solar Fake. At the present time, the duo is working on completing their debut full-length album «Awakening» to be released later this year on SkyQode.

Estetica Noir nasce nel 2013 come progetto new
wave/rock, per mano del cantante-chitarristacompositore
Silvio Oreste e del bassista-arrangiatore
Riccardo Guido.
2014: l'Ep omonimo di debutto, vede aggiungere al
sound iniziale alcune contaminazioni elettroniche.
Il brano “I Will Kill You” viene inserito all'interno
della compilation “For The Bats”(U.S.A.), distribuita
a livello mondiale e contenente nomi quali The Last
Dance, Monica Richards, The March Violets e tanti
altri. Alcuni brani dell'Ep ruotano con regolarità sul
programma radio del leggendario scrittore e
giornalista inglese Mick Mercer.
2015: esce il videoclip ufficiale del brano “I Will Kill
You” e il brano “Beautiful Absence” viene inserito
nella compilation “For The Bats Vol.3” (U.S.A.)
insieme a band come The Eden House e The Danse
2016: il brano “Le Scogliere di Okinawa” viene
inserito nella compilation “Italian Gothic”
dell'etichetta finlandese Gothic Music Records.
Gli Estetica Noir sono essenzialmente una band live.
Numerosi opening-act alimentano il seguito della
band; tra le aperture più prestigiose, spiccano quelle
per band storiche quali Christian Death e Norma
Loy. Viene raggiunto un accordo con l'etichetta Genotype
Records per la ristampa rimasterizzata (più una bonus
track) dell'E.p di debutto del 2014.
2017: la band firma un contratto biennale con
l'etichetta Red Cat, per la promozione e la
distribuzione a livello mondiale (tramite Audioglobe e
The Orchard) del primo full-lenght “Purity”, uscito
ufficialmente il 27 Gennaio 2017 e riceve ottimi
consensi dalla stampa specializzata e non.
Il brano “Polarized” viene inserito all'interno della
compilation “Io Non Crollo”, il cui ricavato è versato
totalmente alla famiglie di Camerino, colpite dal
terremoto nell'estate 2016.
L'inedito “She Is Cold” è inserito nella compilation
“Sparkle In The Dark Vol.4”, curata
dall'organizzazione Darkitalia e che include band di
fama internazionale quali She Past Away e Soft
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