Grounding to Move (GTM) Yoga & Feldenkrais Principles @ , Torino [1 settembre]

Grounding to Move (GTM) Yoga & Feldenkrais Principles

01:00 - 04:00

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Open Space Ibiza
Grounding To Move (GTM)
Conexion a tierra para Moverse.
Based in the Principles of the Feldenkrais Method & Yoga Philosophy and Asanas.
We are Open the space to LEARN TOGETHER.
EXPLORING how to move with AWARENESS in between postures, from standing to seating, and standing again, bringing more attention in HOW & WHAT is happening in your organization just BEFORE you move, noticing your BREATHING without interfere with the natural rhythm of it.
In Grounding To Move…
We share HOW to make the Yoga practice a somatic and PLEASANT EXPERIENCE.
We learn new ways to get into Asanas ( from Yoga) by using the principles from Feldenkrais to move SLOW in order to get more clarity about your ORGANIZATION and your BREATHING as you move.
By increasing awareness of HOW our body moves, we can improve the quality of how we see ourselves so that we can realize our goals more directly.
The Feldenkrais Method increases our abilities to feel and enrich our lives. Therefore, it allows us to feel comfortable and CELEBRATE who we are.

Where and when?
September 1 & 2.
9:00. to 12:00
Open Space.
More info:
[email protected]

Julieta Mateo
I am a woman, a mother with two wonderful daughters Ona and Uma. The journey of being pregnant strengthened my life with strength, compassion and infinite love. Since then my life has never been the same. I grew up in Argentina, I lived half of my life in Barcelona and now I have my base in Australia. I loved Yoga even before I started practicing it.
She is currently training in the Feldenkrais method and believes that this is a new path for her and for the next generation to integrate the body, the mind in movement and the arts.
My trip with Yoga and friends:
Julieta Mateo was born in Argentina and at the age of 15 she joined a group of physical theater,
I study Yoga in Buenos Aires since I was 18 years old. After migrating to Barcelona where he decided to live and began to give Yoga classes in different parts and centers of Barcelona he directed his energy towards the arts and yoga, and in 2008 he decided to open his own studio, El Galpon, in Badalona, ​​Barcelona, Where still today, together with Noelia Mencias, various yoga arts are practiced Hatha yoga sessions for children, Tantra yoga and Kirtan and much, much more.
Julieta has studied classical yoga, Yoga Khala with Upendra Arya, Vynasa Yoga and Inspya Yoga. Currently living in Australia, he teaches Living Yoga and Earth Connection to move and also runs workshops that combine yoga and theater.
Julieta continues investigating and developing her theatrical work, forming a new company, Masumano, with her partner Sam Thomas; after having recently produced and directed the Opening Night event 'The Future of Things Past' for Castlemaine State Festival 2017.
Hatha yoga, with Clara Lopez Gordillo, Argentina. (1999)
Yoga Iyengar, Barcelona. (2002-2003).
Sivananda Method, Kerala, India (2004). Theatrical training in Barcelona (2003-2006).
Kundalini, Barcelona (2005/2006). Kids Yoga, Madrid Om shree Om (2005).
Pilates, pregnancy Madrid, Kotinos (2006). Classic yoga,
YogaKhala, Barcelona (2011). Vynasa Yoga Inspya Yoga, Australia (2012).
I am currently studying the Feldenkrais method in Melbourne.

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