Body Language Seminar (Englisch) @ , Torino [25 ottobre]

Body Language Seminar (Englisch)

09:00 - 16:00

The visual appereance is the first information we get from other human beings. It is the ambassador for their inner values. In this first moment we decide wether a person is competent, likable and trustworthy. No matter what culture.

As research shows (Harvard University, 2009), people who know how to incorporate the above factors, are more successful in life. It’s a key success driver to be aware of the scientific facts and key principles in human body language.

First impression – signals that work in every culture
The body language of self confidence
Getting your point across – a matter of symmetry in body posture
Humble und likable — two facial expressions make the difference
The NN-rule lets you see, what others think of you
Creating trust – palms and eyebrows are the key
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